Ed Escoto is first and foremost,  a dad to two amazing kids! Other than his kids, his passion revolves around creating things and adding life to his years.


He is an Analyst, writer, and self-proclaimed minimalist. He started his first business at 19 and has had the privilege of helping several start-up and growing businesses.
He is the author of six books in multiple genres. Several of his books became Amazon #1 Best-Sellers and one became the Amazon #1 New Release in Children’s books (2016). His most recent children's book was Life of a Stick Kid - the fourth book in his children’s book series (DH Books).


Divorced Before 30 was his debut into writing. He shares his story about overcoming the challenges of divorce, moving forward, and becoming a better version of himself. He shares everything; the ups, the downs, and all the "oh shit" moments in between.


Dreamers Have a Dream Too is his newest book that focuses on Dreamers and their pursuit of the American dream.
His blog is focused on content that helps entrepreneurs whether they are full-time entrepreneurs or have a job with a side hustle. No fluff or bs, just practical tools, tips, and principles.
His life was planned out and then life happened! Married and divorced before his 30th birthday, started several businesses, but most failed, and a career that once focused entirely on numbers is now a combination of numbers, words, and art.

He started writing because of his two kids. They might even think he is cool now...maybe...probably not. Can a parent ever be cool to their own kids? 


Join him on Facebook.com/edescotoofficial/ 


You can also text him, preferably funny memes 310.774.7992

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